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We have a stable、Rich internationally renowned chip products line,Have to communications、Computer、Wireless WIFI category、Consumer electronics and other customers with the ability to integrate ancillary supply。Along with intelligent system in the field of professional and technical support,Customers can quickly develop products,Hardware and software development to provide technical support services,It is the best choice for R & D firms Things。We always uphold the integrity of the concept of cooperative way and mutually beneficial and win-win,Adhere to efficient management and rigorous work,Providing customers with the best quality and thoughtful service。


MediaTek (MediaTekwww.mediatek.com) Is the world's leading IC design companies,Focus on technology for wireless communications and digital multimedia, etc.。Chip integrated system that provides solutions,Including wireless communication、High-definition digital television、Optical storage、DVD and Blu-ray products。


Skyworks (Skyworks www.skyworksinc.com),Is the world's leading company focused on solutions for RF and wireless semiconductors。The field of semiconductor solutions including support: Aerospace,car,Broadband,Cellular Infrastructure,Connected Home,industry,Medical,military,smart phone,Tablets and wearable market

Giga Device

GigaDevice (Zhao Yi innovation www.gigadevice.com ) Was established in 2005 in Silicon Valley,It is a leading fabless company,Engaged in advanced storage technology and IC Solutions。The company in 2016 completed an initial public offering .GigaDevice offers a variety of high-performance flash memory and 32-bit general purpose MCU products successfully in Shanghai Stock Exchange。GigaDevice is one of creating SPI NOR flash memory company,Currently ranked third in the market,,Annual shipments of more than 1 billion。


达发科技(Airoha www.airoha.com/)成立于2021年结合两家联发科子公司络达科技与创发科技为客户提供无线及宽带通讯的系统及芯片完整解决方案在万物互联的世界里以各类无线与有线的方式将智能装置个人家庭机构企业等无缝地连结起来以各类算法和应用来丰富人类生活

Longsys (Netcom)

Shenzhen Longsys Electronics Company Limited (深圳 江波 龙 电子 有限公司)www.longsys.com),Is a company founded in 1999 to store the core of high-tech multinationals,Headquartered in Shenzhen, China,Products include flash memory cards、U disk、DRAM、EMMC embedded storage、Solid State Drive SSD、Wireless Memory、Wireless Card Reader、Wireless Audio Receiver、Things Smart Wi-Fi module、System memory、Financial Security payments and other innovative memory card technology products。

Prolifc (Prolific Technology)

Wangjiu Technology (Prolifc www.prolific.com.tw) Is a world-renowned IC design leader,USB focused intelligent IO control chip、Mechanical and electrical integration of technology and wisdom of green energy solutions。Prolific chip system technology to provide integrated solutions,USB interface bridge wafer comprising、USB storage products、Brushless motor controller、Original Hall sensor、MEMS sensors and smart meters Related Products。Prolific Technology was established in November 1997,The company is headquartered in Taiwan,And in mainland China、United States、Japan、South Korea and other regions with sales and service locations。

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